I’ve mentioned Don Quixote a few times here, as well as Roppongi, but here’s a little bit of background information: Roppongi, besides having a reputation as the Devil’s Playground (I don’t think it’s that bad but it is pretty weird, especially for Japan) literally translates as ’six trees’; or six (roku) book (hon) tree (ki) , if you know your literal translation of kanji. ;)

Roppongi is a known for Roppongi Hills, it’s active/vibrant night life and the huge presence of Western tutorists and expats. However, a majority of the people who live in Roppongi are Japanese but if you talk to people here, you’d never know that. Like Chicago, Tokyo is a city of neighborhoods and Roppongi is probably one of the better known neighborhoods in Tokyo.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Roppongi because it’s so accessible to me and because I really miss McDonalds and things that remind me of home, such as Don Quixote. One of my favorite blogs, demonbaby, has some great articles on ‘weird’ Japan — that’s pretty self explanatory. There are lots of things here in Japan, material and otherwise, that are very unusual to Westerners, and so far, I’ve found some…interesting things at Don Quixote. Actually, interesting may be putting it lightly but I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Check out the Roppongi pix here.