Former makuuchi division Russian wrestler, 20-year-old Toshinori Wakanoho (whose real name is Soslan Gagloev), under arrest for possessing marijuana, has told police that he first turned to drugs in his early teens, and that after he entered the sumo world he smoked dope every time he went home to Russia.

According to a statement Wakanoho made to police, he went to a nightclub in Tokyo’s Roppongi entertainment district by himself on June 20, where he was offered marijuana by a Russian man and a black man. He smoked the drug in the club’s restroom using a bong, or water pipe. Wakanoho then bought marijuana, two pipes and rolling papers from the black man for 20,000 yen. Wakanoho was fired by the Japan Sumo Association on Aug. 21, three days after his arrest. I guess that a couple joints smoked by a junior division sumo wrestler, a Russian and a “generic” black man up in the club selling a matchbook worth of something equivalent to “out-do” instead of Indo beats murder in the Sumo world.

In following news on the murder, the Japan Pundit reported that it took more than eight months after 17-year-old wrestler Takashi Saito (who was literally tortured to death by his stablemaster and mates) death and a month after the wrestlers were indicted for the powerful Japan Sumo Association to take action against them.

Good job Japan news media in making this story into a bigger issue than former Prime Minister Fukuda telling his peeps in politics, “fuk u (da). Stories on those not Japanese always make for great (non) news!