The Enka world’s rising star and first black singer, Jero (26), will make his debut in Kirin Beverage’s canned coffee CM “cafe zero Kirin Fire” on 21 May 08. 

Jero’s February 20th single Miyuki U (marine snow) will drop on June 25 as the last song cover of the artist’s first album release. It seems that the Enka world is continuing down the path to add someone fresh and different to Japan’s original soul.

I am glad to see the young brotha step into the world of enka. I only wish that my man would sport suits, Haori Hakama (kimono), or even a Jimbei when on the stage. Having done TV myself for a few years in Japan, I guess that the “hip hop” image is part of the act. Hmm! I wonder what his Japanese grandmother thinks about that? At any rate, I wish him the best of luck and much success.  Jero! Jero! Jero! Gambareeee!

Click the link to watch the video (peep the into beats!):